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I'm a self-taught artist who likes to dabble in beaded jewelry and handcrafted artisan soaps and body products. So take a look at some of my pics to see what I've been up to and stop back to see what's new. ")

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Welcome to CarolAnnsPlace. I will be sharing with you all about what's going on in some of the special-to-me areas of my life...namely my love of my garden, pets and my jewelry creations.


I live in the Tri-State area {Northeast United States} where we experience all four of the seasons. Our weather is interesting to say the least, and varies considerably depending upon our exact location. I have a small property in which I am fortunate to be able to express myself in my garden. I try to draw my canvass so that it displays scenes of interest year round, even in the cold dark days of winter! In spring and summer there is always a display of color from natural perennials and interesting foliage, as well as hanging baskets and planters of annuals for an instant splash of color.

Of course in the autumn we have nature's creation of bountiful colors throughout the yard with very little help from me. And even in the coldest darkest days of winter we have evergreen trees and shrubs with several different shades of greens as well as some lovely vibrant red berries on the many holly bushes throughout. All in all, this garden is an exciting , ever-changing framed display for the eyes and other senses to behold and as I look around, sometimes I just can't believe it's mine to share with my neighbors and passersby.


I've been blessed {or cursed} with some new "residents" in the last nine months who now have taken over the scheduling of my life! This little group started out as one male ferral cat, who due to his black and white coloring, and  having the appearance of wearing neat little white  sox,  .....well, you can figure out his name!  :}  I found him eating stale bread at my feeder and of course felt sorry for the guy.  I put down a bowl of milk which he rapidly lapped up.  After about a week  he invited  another male who was rugged and worn, with basically only one ear, so just naturally became known as "One-ear" or as my neighbor named him "Juan-ere"  ")   These two, though basically not friends of any sort, seemed to respect each other's boundries and territories and so "got on" just fine. They came to visit my porch and therefore their dishes for both breakfast and dinner on a daily basis. Then, several months later, the whole situation changed...Yes, you've guessed it, a new "lady" in town found her way to my porch as well, and from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same. Almost overnight, brawls broke out between these two previously docile males and sleep for me was then not easy to come by! They howled under my window and screamed during late-night tv. Well, I then began checking out options regarding having the whole crew "fixed" as we used to call it when I was growing up. Shortly after this, 'momma Brat" as the female soon became known, brought me two tiny little black brats to add to our growing colony! Well to make a really long story shorter, my friend and neighbor assisted me in capturing, and I do mean capturing with traps, all four in the "family", getting  them to a spay/neuter clinic to be "fixed" and now they have been released back here to me, to live out their feral lives and be taken care of. They of course are feral in every sense of the word and still occasionally hiss at me as I lovingly open the door with their meals "), but that's to be expected from wild cats. I must add that "One-Ear" disappeared shortly after Brat brought back her babies and has not been seen since. He was not looking too well at last sighting so perhaps has gone on to a better place. :( Sadly, I still miss the old guy and have to say he was my favorite of all.