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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard 09

Hey, all,

Well, Blizzard 09 has come and gone, leaving about 16" in it's wake in my home town!  Spent the better part of the day digging out with a little help from a cool neighbor with his snowblower for the apron of the driveway.    That apron had about 4' drifts in it to begin with, but with a pass from the snowplow earlier, it was starting to resemble a small igloo!  So I was truely thankful for the help to mow the thing down to size .   Got the car free just in case and now we're in pretty good shape here.  I now know where the ferel kittens reside, thanks to the tiny footprints in the snow, so they got a special path dug from their cave to the front porch to make dining a bit easier.

Took a few shots of the yard from my windows so sharing them with you.  There's also a pic of how fat the wildlife is getting around here, which I was always taught means a really rough winter.       So, onward to Christmas now!!